Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Using Guide on HP 2100 Car Charger

If one is traveling long distance in a car, or going on a business trip or in the wilderness and needs emergency power for HP Laptop. This Universal hp 2100 Car Charger will come handy. Now we can have the excellent universal charger for our laptops on We can take our laptops to outdoors and keep on using them without bothering that the charge will run out. The product bundles in a car adapter, and a wide selection of tips for different laptop models. Since I’m often on the go, I took it up on the offer of a review unit.

hp 2100 Car Charger
First of all, I’m worry about any product that includes adapter tips. It can be hard to find the right tip for your device, quality is often questionable, and tips are easy to lose. Initially it seemed udtek was an exception. I snapped up adapter tip (as indicated by the manual for HP Laptops), popped it in to my computer, and it immediately appeared to start charging. Unfortunately, some time later my customer shut off unexpectedly. I didn’t have time then to investigate, but in attempting to charge my HP again later in the day with the hp 2100 Car Charger, the same thing happened. I plugged in my regular charger and discovered I’d dropped down to 1% power. There was no low-battery alert. Nothing except sudden shut-down.
Putting aside my experience for a moment, Udtek does include a lot in its adapter package. The hp 2100 Car Charger comes with tips for laptops made by hp. Udtek even includes a handy tip clip for keeping an extra tip close at hand – in case you want to switch up your machine.
Instructions:1. Please make sure the hp 2100 Car Charger output voltage your device uses is within 16V to 20V. You can find the output voltage on your laptop or the original ac adaptor that comes with your device.
2. Find the correct connector by trying to plug it in the device. We recommend plugging the connector in the device before it is plugged into the AC Adapter hp 2100.3. Select the correct voltage (determined by your laptop) just by simply moving the voltage switch button with your finger.
4. Insert DC input plug into the DC mains supply of DC 11V to 16V (car cigarette adapter).
hp 2100 car charger Description:Output: DC19V 3.16APower: 60WConnecter size:Internal Diameter: 2.5mmExternal Diameter: 5.5mmThis DC Adapter can be connected to the cigarette Lighter of Auto or Truck and power your laptop when you travel.
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