Thursday, May 6, 2010

Tips of buying Acer 5520 LCD panel

In most laptops, replacing the acer 5520 lcd panel will be so expensive that it may not be cost-effective and may mean that buying a new laptop altogether is a better value option. For this reason, it is particularly important to pay close attention to the laptop LCD panel when choosing a laptop, much more so than with a desktop where you can buy a new acer 5520 lcd panel later on.Check the resolution on the laptop LCD panel you are considering. Generally, a larger acer 5520 lcd panel ( will have a larger resolution, as you would expect. However, sometimes cheap laptop LCD panel will have a lower resolution than other models with the same acer 5520 lcd panel size. This may cause a noticeable difference if you work with very detailed images such as with picture editing or watching videos. Some laptop LCD panels have particularly high resolution which means you can fit more detail on to the panel, though this can cause problems if you don’t have good close-range vision.More expensive laptops will have a type of acer 5520 lcd screen known as an active matrix display. The way these work means the display is usually brighter with more color detail. The acer 5520 lcd screens also update more quickly, which gives the impression of a more detailed picture, particularly for video. Although this type of laptop LCD usually adds to the computer’s price, it is often worth getting, particularly if you are likely to be using it in situations where you don’t have as much external light, for example on airplanes.When you buy a new acer 5520 lcd panel, you may look the price, however, don’t overlook the warranty. Laptop lcd panel should come with a warranty to protect your purchase, and that warranty should last for up to half a year. Once the best warranty and price are in place, it’s time to buy your acer 5520 lcd panel.The best option depends on your needs. If you use the machine mainly for office tasks such as word processing, a regular aspect ratio will likely be better as you’ll get more acer 5520 lcd panel space on the same sized laptop. If you are likely to watch a lot of video files such as movies and TV shows, a wide laptop LCD panel display will give a better viewing experience.
acer 5520 lcd panel Description:Item: LCD Panel ScreenSize: 15.4 inchsResolution: 1280*800 pixelsAspect ratio: WXGA Wide screenScreen Type: TFT Active Matrix GlossyBacklight Type: 1 CCFLData connector: 30 pinStatus: New, Grade A+.Packing: Antistatic bag and boxItem includes: LCD Panel without inverter or bracket.Warranty: 6 monthsImportant: Specific laptop models can come in many sizes and resolutions. And Screen Size cannot be upgraded. You must confirm that this screen matches your laptop in size and in resolution before you purchase! No Returns Due To Improper Installation or Incompatibility !More information you can visit:
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