Tuesday, May 11, 2010

How to replace damaged Acer 5570 LCD Panel

If your Acer 5570 LCD Panel is damaged, will you buy a new laptop? No, of course, you won’t. There is no need to waste money, since your laptop didn’t damage, just buy a new LCD Panel and replace the damaged one. This guide will tell you how to replace the damaged Acer 5570 LCD Panel.
Before you start, please turn off the laptop, unplug the laptop ac adapter and remove the laptop battery. The laptop LCD Panel is mounted between the display cover and bezel. The screen bezel is secured to the display cover by six screws hidden under six screw seals. I circled these screw seals. Remove all seals with a sharp object and after that remove all screws found under the seals.
Start separating the Acer 5570 LCD Panel bezel from the display cover on one of the top corners. Continue separating the laptop LCD Panel bezel. The inverter board works as a power supply for the backlight lamp hidden inside the Acer 5570 LCD Panel. In most laptops the inverter board is mounted below the LCD Screen. In my guide I will not be removing the inverter board and because of that I will unplug only one cable from the right side.
Remove four screws securing the display hinges to the cover. Carefully separate the display assembly from the cover and place the LCD face down on the laptop keyboard. Now you can access the LCD cable connector. The LCD cable connects the Acer 5570 LCD Panel to the motherboard.
Remove the laptop LCD Panel assembly from the laptop. As you can see, the screen still has two mounting brackets attached to the left and right sides. In order to remove the mounting bracket, simply remove three screws. Transfer the bracket to the new Acer 5570 LCD Panel.
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