Wednesday, May 26, 2010

How to check and replace the HP Pavilion NX9100 Keyboard

When there are something wrong with your HP Pavilion NX9100 Keyboard, take a time to read the following. It tells you how to check and replace the HP Pavilion NX9100 Keyboard.
1.To start with, take out each key out from the laptop keyboard. Use a small screwdriver to carefully pry each key by making it loose. As they become loose, keys will simply pop off. Also, take out the rubber piece present under every key. Keep the keys and rubber pieces in different containers.
2.Once you have removed all keys from the HP Pavilion NX9100 Keyboard, you will have to clean the keyboard from the inside. Use cotton swabs or ear bubs and slightly dip them in water. Avoid getting them too moist, as excess water can damage the laptop keyboard. Meticulously clean the whole HP laptop keyboard using moist cotton swabs, laying extra emphasis on key spaces.
3.Now, start cleaning keys you had earlier removed and kept in the container. Use foam rubber and lighter fluid to clean each key alone. This will help in removing any sticky substance present on keys. Apply any household cleaner on these keys and let them stay for about 15 minutes. After this, wash all the keys properly using hot water and let the keys dry completely.
4.The small rubber pieces which you took out earlier and kept in the container have to be thoroughly rinsed in warm water, after you have sprayed a household cleaner on them. Soak these rubber pieces up in paper napkins so that they dry quickly.
5.To lubricate the keys, place all keys (facing top-down) on a flat surface. Apply mild lubricant from all sides, on all keys and leave them to dry. Avoid applying too much lubricant instead go for a light coat. Similar to the manner in which you lubricated the keys, apply mild lubricant on the HP Pavilion NX9100 Keyboard surface and let it dry.
7.Once you have cleaned and lubricated all the parts, carefully reassemble the laptop keyboard. Begin with placing all rubber components on the HP Pavilion NX9100 Keyboard. Next, fix all keys in their respective positions cautiously securing the wire in these keys. Use your finger and press down all HP keyboard keys, one at a time, firmly so that they fit properly in the slots. That is it.
Sometimes you may find certain keys of your HP keyboard not working properly. You type those keys but there is no output on the screen or you need to press these keys firmly to get a result. You face this problem if you accidentally spill any liquid substance on your HP Pavilion NX9100 Keyboard, or due to dust accumulating on the inside of the keys, pressing certain laptop keyboard keys really hard while playing games or even due to absence of lubrication.laptop ac adapter, HP AC Adapter, Dell AC Adapter, HP AC Adapter,Toshiba AC Adapter,Acer AC Adapterclick the hot Model below:dell ac adapter inspiron 6000,gateway ac adapter pa-1650-01,Gateway 1100 AC Adapter,HP DL606A AC Adapter,Toshiba PA-1600-06D1 AC Adapter,hp zd7000 ac adapter, Dell d600 ac adapterHP 417220-001 Adapter,Compaq CQ50 Adapter,1501 Adapter,5100 Adapter,Dell Inspiron 8600 Adapter,PA-12 AC Adapter

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