Thursday, April 22, 2010

How to make your HP DV5000 Battery work better

Do you know if you use your laptop battery every day, use it for gaming, video streaming and are on Wi-Fi constantly, the laptop will drain the battery life much quicker. Such heavy use can render DV5000 Battery dead in as short as one year with heavy laptop use. Most laptop batteries last 18-24 months with average use. This is equivalent to 500-800 charging cycles. Get maximum performance from your laptop battery by following a few suggestions below:
Condition New Batteries
New DV5000 Battery come in a discharged condition and must be fully charged before use. It is recommended that you fully charge and discharge your new battery two to four times to allow it to reach its maximum rated capacity.
Keep Your Batteries Clean
It’s a good idea to clean dirty DV5000 Battery contacts with a cotton swab and alcohol. This helps maintain a good connection between the battery and your portable device.
Avoid Memory Effect
Keep your DV5000 Battery healthy by fully charging and then fully discharging it at least once a month. Li-Ion batteries do not suffer from the memory effect, but they too still need conditioning at least once a month and should not be overcharged.
Don’t Mix Chargers & AC/DC Adapters
Not all laptops of the same brand use the same type of charger/adapter. Do not assume that the same charger your friend uses on his HP laptop will be the correct one for you model of Hp laptop. Every laptop requires its own specific specs and both the in and out source specifications Amps and Volts must be correct for your laptop model and battery chemistry. Mixing or using the wrong charger can damage the battery and the laptop. You may not notice any difference at first, but the laptop or battery may show signs of a problems later. Do not use a swollen DV5000 Battery. Carefully remove and contact a local recycle center or repair shop for advice on discarding the battery.
Remove Battery when Using AC/DC Power Source
Laptop batteries are in constant charge and discharge state when you have the AC/DC adapter plugged into the computer and using the computer with the battery installed. Removing the battery while using the AC/DC adapter will help prolong the life span of the battery since most last 500-800 charging cycles or 18-24 months. These frequent shallow charges do not allow all of the battery cells to properly condition for optimum battery performance.
Reduce or Set Your Laptop to Battery Saver Mode
Most laptops allow you to adjust the settings to battery saver mode. Turning down the monitor brightness and turning off programs running in the background will also help in reducing drain on the battery. Remember that Wi-Fi, Gaming and Video Streaming eats up a lot of battery power. We recommend using the AC/DC adapter when you can if on Wi-Fi, Gaming and Streaming Video.
For Laptop Users
To make your HP Pavilion DV5000 Battery work better, fully optimize the laptop’s power management features prior to use. Power management is a trade off: better power conservation in exchange for lesser computer performance. The power management system conserves battery power by setting the processor to run at a slower speed, dimming the screen, spinning down the hard drive when it’s not in use and causing the machine to go into sleep mode when inactive. Your laptop user’s guide will provide information relating to specific power management features.
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