Monday, April 19, 2010

How to Choose a Replacement DV5000 Battery

When buying a laptop battery, you will probably only have one or two choices that fit your computer. Choose the battery with the longest life available for your computer. There are several different kinds of laptop batteries; because the technologies of each are very different, a laptop must be designed specifically for the type of battery it uses. Most laptops are only designed to use one type of battery technology. So as DV5000 Battery.
Every laptop battery is given a power rating in order to show you, the consumer, about how long your DV5000 Battery should last before it needs to be recharged. These electrical specifications are given using volts (V) and milliAmps (mAh). For example, you may see your DV5000 battery is given a rating of: 10.8V, 8800mAh.
Volts and milliAmp hours are used because they measure the amount of energy used by a DV5000 Battery. A volt (V) is a measurement used for the amount of pressure the positive and negative electrodes produce in a laptop battery during the process of discharging energy. Amps (A) measure the amount of resistance the energy in your DV5000 Battery produces in order to power a laptop. You may also notice that increasing the size of the pipe and shower head without having to open the faucet all the way will produce similar results. This is an example of the amount of resistance in the flow of energy. Measuring this resistance is measured in terms of amps. In terms of a HP Pavilion DV5000 Battery, the amount of resistance is dependent on the size of the HP laptop battery and the amount of energy inside.
Laptop ratings are given in terms of amp hours (Ah). Amp hours measure the length of time a Dell laptop battery will discharge energy before it needs charging. In order to adequately measure v, manufacturers use milliAmp hours (mAh). This means that every 1000mAh is equal to 1Ah. What does this mean for your new HP Pavilion DV5000 Battery? If your original DV5000 Battery is measured at 4400mAh and your replacement HP laptop battery is measured at 8800mAh, then your DV5000 Battery run time will double.
Keep in mind that technology constantly changes. Your old HP Pavilion DV5000 Battery may be rated at a lower run time than a newer one because of technological advancements that have produced longer lasting laptop batteries.
One way of conserving DV5000 Battery is to go to your Power Management settings icon in the Control Panel. You can shut off settings or programs you do not use. Also consider dimming your screen and shutting off your wireless card when you don’t need it. In this way, you can save your DV5000 Battery a lot..
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