Sunday, April 18, 2010

How To check and replace HP Pavilion DV1000 Adapter

Learning how to check your HP Pavilion DV1000 Adapter and how to replace it when needed can be a life saver if you’re a computer buff or in business with the trusted PC. Don’t take for granted the simple pleasure of turning on your PC and everything works just fine. The HP Pavilion DV1000 Adapter convert’s your regular household current into low DC voltage used by the computer. When this component fails, there is simply no activity going on with your computer. Inspect the laptop ac adapter for any damage. Double-Check all connections.
Here are something you should look for when your HP Pavilion DV1000 Adapter is going bad or just dies on you are the following.
Here you must first check the wall outlet for power by connecting another device such as a radio or lamp to be sure power is present. If the computer is connected through a surge protector, check it as well.If the wall out has power, check the laptop ac adapter cable going to the PC to see if AC voltage is making its way to the system unit. Do this with the use of a millimeter. If there is power, you will have to open the PC and check for power from the HP Pavilion DV1000 Adapter to the motherboard. When using a multimeter to check voltage, be sure you have a good ground for the black lead of the multimeter.
When the HP Pavilion DV1000 Adapter begins to fail, you may receive power at one device and not another. For example, the Hard Drive may receive power but the CDROM Drive has nothing at all. Another headache with would cause re-booting is the intermittent power going to the drives or the motherboard itself. Follow the steps below to check your laptop ac adapter should you experience some of the above problems.
If the wall outlet, and the power cord are good, make sure the connection at the motherboard is secure. Then you may have to face the fact that the itself is bad. If you have a Multimeter you can test the laptop ac adapter output before purchasing a new one.
Turn off the PC, but do not unplug it, open the system unit. Set the multimeter to read DC volts in the next range higher than 12 volts. Locate a power connector similar to the hard drive, or carom drive connector that is unused and turn on the PC.
DO NOT remove the HP Pavilion DV1000 Adapter from the system unit case when performing these tests. DO NOT perform these tests if you do not feel comfortable. Be sure to remove any and all electrical static build-up from your clothes and body before touching any parts inside the system unit. And NEVER open the HP Pavilion DV1000 Adapter case for any reason, since high voltage may be present.
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