Saturday, February 20, 2010

How to Replacing laptop LCD inverter board?

This tutorial would help you solve the problem that Laptop’s LCD Screen was dim. I will explain how to find the inverter of a laptop, but the tips are not aiming for some special brands or models, they should work for most laptops.

Warning: Please make sure that the laptop is not connecting to any power source including the laptop battery and the laptop AC adapter.

Problem: HP /Compaq NC6400 LCD Screen is dark.

Solve: plug the laptop to an external monitor. If the external monitor displays normally, then the problem is from one of these components: LCD backlight, laptop inverter, LCD cable or video board. Further tests have to be conducted to verify the particular component.

In-order to get out the LCD inverter, the laptop LCD screen must be disassembled,

These are the SPECIAL tools for disassemble the laptop. NOT NECESSARY to have them in this case. (A 6-point star screwdriver, a Magnetic screwdriver)

Open the laptop cover.

Check all corners of the Compaq NC6400 laptop display part for potential screws. In this laptop, there are six of them, four screws at the upper line and two of them at the bottom. All of them are hiding beneath the rubber buttons.

(Also check the sides of the display part for screws since the location of the screws vary from model to model. BE VERY CAREFUL. Make sure that you do not miss any screw, you could DAMAGE your laptop cover when you try to open it.)

Move the screwdriver along the LCD frame slowly, this will slide the frame open. (It is not over yet, for this specific model, there are some other places you need to looking into in order to remove the LCD frame)

After remove the cover, the HP/ Compaq NC6400 LCD Screen frame can be removed along with it.

Pulling out the 2 wire cable plug from the inverter.

before do that, first unscrew a small screw that used to secure the inverter in place.

the 2 wire plug is High voltage AC output to light up the fluorescent tube inside the LCD screen.

Two pins is standard for all today LCD screen, but without some type of the TOSHIBA LCD screen.

after remove the 2 wire plug from the inverter. you can move on to another side.

the wire plug is DC current supply from main board. There are many type of the socket on the inverter board and the wire plug.

In this case, there are 7 pins socket receiving electrical current and current signal from the main board.

There is no standard form for the inverter! You must look for the part number as shown on this photo.

Attention: The part number of the replacement cable must match your cable or else they may not compatible thought they may look similar.

Common for laptops: There are many different type of sockets with different number of pins (4 to 8 pins).

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