Sunday, January 24, 2010

Increase the capacity (runtime) of your laptop battery

Is your laptop battery dead?
Is the runtime not long enough to get you through the day?
Do you carry one of those huge external battery packs?

Take “hp dv8000 battery” for example,This instructable is intended to show how one may replace the dead li-ion/li-poly cells of a dv battery and how one may increase the capacity of the battery by adding extra cells.

The reason why adding extra cells to the internal battery is suggested compared to carrying around an external battery pack is that for the same amount of cells in an external pack, the laptop accessories can run significantly longer if those cells were used internally.

hp dv8000 battery

HP Pavilion dv8000 Battery 8 cells 4400mAh

1、External battery pack? Rip it apart and never think of using an external pack again

So what’s the voltage rating on your internal battery pack?What’s the rating on your power brick?Lets use my tablet computer as an example. The battery pack is rated for 3.7v * 3 cells or about 11volts. However, the power brick outputs 20v.I’ve bought external battery packs before and have calcul…

2、How laptop batteries work

Laptop batteries are complicated pieces of equipment. They are somewhat redundant as well. There’s a ’smart circuit’ in the battery pack that monitors the conditions of the battery cells, however, it does not do what a lot of people say it does. The image below is a typical smart circuit. It ha…

3、Parts list

Parts: Soldering gun Solder (but of course) SAND (A MUST) BIG METAL CAN WITH LID (A MUST) fire extinguisher (somewhat a must depending on how careful you are) wires alligator clips Laptop dead dv8000 battery undead battery (zombie batteries) I mean, new lithium ion or lithium polymer cells (make sure …


Safety preparations -put sand in can (picture below) -place fire extinguisher someplace close Battery preparations -if you’re just replacing your dead cells with new ones, obtain the same number of cells. As for choosing the capacity, bigger is better. -Note how the cells are connected in seri…

5、Safety first: test the darn thing

I’ve seen some people who’ve posted how-to’s for replacing laptop cells immediately replace the cells seal the battery and use it. This is extremely dangerous, unless you want to cook your lap. The quality of the cells purchased is unknown, and needs to be tested. (manufacturers of laptop batteri…


-If your battery doesn’t explode/catch on fire, that means the circuit is good/the cells are good. -Solder it permanently to to the circuit, and fit it back into the plastic housing if its the same number of cells, if not be creative and line the cells up so it fits nicely below/behind/etc your l…

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