Tuesday, January 19, 2010

HP PAillion dv8000 PC Notebook will not charge

Question:For awhile if we jiggled the power cord it would charge but now HP dv8000 won’t even work!! Any ideas of what could be wrong I would really appreciate it.. I was thinking it probably was a bad power cord….


There are a number of other maintenance actions you can perform that can alleviate HP Pavilion dv8000 AC Adapter problem. You can toggle the voltage switch between 115V to 230V and reset to the proper voltage for your geographic region.

You can open the case to check the connection between the incoming cord and motherboard and use a vacuum to remove any impeding dust. You can plug the HP dv8000 AC Adapter into a different wall outlet or power strip to check for problems in those external sockets.

Short circuits are caused by physical or electrical damage and can drain available power, preventing proper function of your HP dv8000 Adapter. If the ac adapter turns on when you plug it into the wall only but turns off when you also plug it into the laptop, you may be looking at a short circuit.

If your ohmmeter gives a reading of less than 3 ohms at the point where the ac adapter for laptop plugs into the HP laptop, this is an indicator of a short circuit. You can find the location of the short by examining removable laptop components, such as HP dv000 Battery, Zip drives and other USB components. If necessary, you may need to be crack open the laptop to check interior components, including the motherboard, for burn marks. You should replace the affected part.

If the LED light is off when your AC Adapter is plugged only into the wall but turns on when you plug it into the hp pavilion dv8000 laptop and the wall, this can indicate a power overload. Remedy this by checking th outlet,unplugging/replugging connections on either end and then removing the plug from the laptop. If the light is still off, the HP AC adapter may be fried. Also, you should plug in the laptop ac adapter while the laptop battery is removed to check the viability of the power supply.

Most HP ac adapters consist of a small box with wires on either side connecting to the laptop and a wall socket, as well as an LED light showing if the laptop ac adapter is on/off. The most common issues encountered by users involve the LED light not turning on, short circuits and power overloads.

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