Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Laptop not receiving power from AC Adapter

My wife’s laptop doesn’t react to having an AC power adaptor plugged in, but it can still run off of battery. (I charge her battery in my laptop and all is well, but that gets old quick.)
Any ideas as to what could be causing this?
I popped it open and didn’t notice anything popped or burnt, all the traces seem in tact and the capacitors are happily sitting there without so much as a bead of capci-juice running down the side.
I’m hoping to be told “oh, that problem, just shake it this way, spray some air here, and off you go”, but so far HP has just been telling me it is a $400 job and I have to wait a month to get it back.
here are a few things that I’d try:
Try your friend’s AC power adaptor(Dell PA-1900-05D AC Adapter) in your laptop, that’ll rule out a broken connecter there.
Charge your battery using his laptop, that should give you some juice to work with.
Check the internal connecter while the adapter’s plugged in, make sure power’s getting to the board.
Check for dead capacitors, the internal power gubbins could be b0rked.
just make sure the power adapter isn’t shot or the pin has fallen out, this problem is quite common on hp laptops
Check the ac plug on the laptop. In a lot of cases this is broken and yes will probably cost a good bit (alot of cases it means a new motherboard)…
Is this a new laptop or an older one? After two and a half years, my laptop’s AC adapter went bad. There are stress points at various points on an adapter. Go to udtek.com and buy a universal power adapter. They usually come with a transformer, an AC plug, and another cable that goes to the computer. It should come with a variety of plugs for various laptop brands.
Buy one (I use a Targus adapter) which is capable of putting out an equal or greater power output as the one your wife has. It should say it on the adapter itself. I don’t remember how I determined my laptop’s power requirements. I think I took it from the battery’s voltage and amperage stats.
Anyways, if this doesn’t work, then you can rule out the AC adapter (dell ac adapter pa-12)and figure out what to do next. But changes are that your AC adapter will fail sooner than the laptop’s motherboard power plug header.
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