Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Blinking green light on the laptop AC adapter

If your laptop ac power adapter also known as a power supply has a blinking or flashing green light and the laptop / notebook system does not power up at all while the ac adapter is plugged into the laptop, then you have a short on the motherboard. Also if you have a light on the power jack/ input /port that usually blue when you plug the cord in and it is not blue anymore (i.e.hp Pavilion DV6000 AC Adapter or hp Pavilion DV9000 AC Adapter series)then it is also a short on the board.

What are the symptoms of the short on the laptop motherboard?

You plug in your ac adapter into the wall ac power outlet; the light on the ac adapter is solid green at that time. As soon as you connect the ac adapter’s plug into the laptop the light on the ac adapter dims and does not show green at all until the next time you unplug the ac adapter from the laptop and from the wall or the ac power adapter could simply be blinking green. At the same time system does not power up from the ac adapter.

What this means?
This means that once the short is being encountered the AC adapter, power brick, power supply shuts itself down, once it shuts itself down the green light goes out. If the ac adapter is more advance it tries to restart itself thus the blinking light. Every time ac adapter(Dell Inspiron 4000 ac adapter) restarts the shortage happens and thus the light comes up and dims out.

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